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Birthroot Midwives believe that an open and trusting relationship between midwife and client sets the foundation for a successful and satisfying birth experience. We provide compassionate, family-centered prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. Birthroot Midwives will attend your birth at our birth center, or in the comfort of your own home. We provide all your prenatal and birth care, and in addition, our midwives continue to provide care for you and your newborn for the first six weeks postpartum.
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Prenatal Care

Individualized prenatal visits allow for ample time to get to know one another. Visits will alternate between our midwives, allowing you to develop relationships with your birth attendants. At each visit we check the health of both mother and baby allowing as much time as necessary to discuss your questions and concerns. By providing you with information and quality care every step of the way our goal is to help you prepare physically and emotionally for labor and birth, and the transition to motherhood. Appointments are scheduled every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, and then every two weeks until 36 weeks, then weekly until labor begins.

We offer physical exams, prenatal testing, lab work, and ultrasound referrals. Along with your midwives, you share in the decision-making process. When necessary we can refer you to other licensed health care professionals. We practice low-intervention care and recommend the simplest remedies first for complications or discomforts using the wisdom of nutrition, herbs, exercise, yoga, homeopathy, and other healing modalities.
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Birth Center Birth

When you desire to give birth at our birth center one of your midwives will greet you there in active labor. You will labor and give birth in one of our comfortable birth rooms with your midwives by your side. Each room features a large tub suitable for birthing if you choose. You will be encouraged to eat, drink, and move about throughout your labor. Our birth center is a safe, private, and peaceful environment where you are free to be yourself. Each room has all the necessary safety and diagnostic equipment and supplies readily available, but tucked out of sight. Our midwives are trained to use this equipment appropriately when necessary.

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Home Birth

Many families choose to welcome their new baby in the privacy of their own home. Birthroot Midwives have over 30 years of combined experience attending home births. We plan a visit to your home during the last month of your pregnancy to offer suggestions on ways to optimize your home environment for birth. When you are in labor, we bring all the necessary supplies and safety equipment to your home.
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For thousands of years women have used water to ease labor and facilitate birth. Many women find that water provides a sense of privacy allowing for relaxation which diminishes fear and stress. This allows a birthing woman to concentrate and stay calm and focused on the birth process. Waterbirth makes changing positions easier and the loss of gravity helps labor to progress and oxytocin levels to rise. Being in water provides a safe place for complete surrender to the power of birth. Birthroot midwives are experienced with waterbirth and would be happy to discuss the many benefits with you.

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Postpartum Care

After your baby is born our midwives stay with you to ensure that both mother and baby are doing well and bonding with one another. We are available to assist with breastfeeding or other needs, allowing for an intimate environment for attachment to take place. You will have as much time to rest and recover from the birth as you need. Friends and family members are invited to visit at your request.

Follow-up postpartum care includes a home visit on day two and day four. We will come to you and provide breastfeeding support and education as well as physical assessments of you and your newborn. Additional postpartum visits are usually scheduled at two, four, and six weeks. During this time we continue to be available for questions and consultations by phone.
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Newborn Care

Birthroot Midwives love newborns and honor that they are conscious beings who require gentle touch and sensitivity to their needs. Our intention is to allow for a calm and quiet environment for their transition into the world. A full newborn exam is given within the first two hours after the birth with your baby by your side.

We provide information on the Washington State requirements for newborns (Vitamin K, antibiotic eye medication, and metabolic screening) and are able to administer medications and perform screening tests. We respect your right to make decisions regarding your newborn’s care. Follow-up newborn care is scheduled along with the additional postpartum visits.