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Ann Tive LM

I was born in 1962, number two out of a set of triplets. My family valued education and lively debate. From my parents I learned the importance of having passion for one's work. In college, I studied philosophy, science and languages. After college I knew I wanted to combine my critical thinking and problem solving skills with more intuitive ways of knowing and nurturing. Like many midwives, I heard the call of midwifery the very first time I attended a birth. In 1984, I was present at the homebirth of my sister's first child in rural New Mexico.

In 1987, I enrolled in the Seattle Midwifery School. After completing midwifery training with internships in St. Lucia and Seattle, in 1990, I moved to Bellingham and began my practice, Birthroot Midwifery Service. I have been a clinical preceptor for many midwifery students over the years. I have been active in the Midwives Association of Washington State, and have served on the WA State Midwifery Advisory Committee.

My husband, Tim, daughter Olivia and I live in Bellingham where we enjoy hiking, gardening, reading, knitting, cinema and other family activities. My son Bless, is an artist currently living in Portland.

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Jessie Bradley LM, CPM

I was born in the late '70s in Berkeley and the midwifery movement was alive in the Bay Area. Several of our close family friends were having home births with midwives. It was intriguing to me, these pregnant women so strong and their bodies healthy with life. Even then I had a deep knowing that there was something liberating, traditional, and sacred about the way they were choosing to give birth.

When I became pregnant with my own children I sought midwives to care for my family and me. Through their love, guidance, and holistic care I found myself and the mother I was becoming. It was then that my curiosity and passion for midwifery caught fire and I knew I would integrate this ancient art and science into my life.

Ten years later the opening presented itself. Our family relocated to Bellingham in 2005 and shortly thereafter I met Ann Tive and was again reinvigorated with the desire to immerse myself in the study of midwifery. In 2007, I began attending births as an apprentice with Ann. In 2008, I attended the Midwifery Assistant course with Ina May Gaskin and The Farm Midwives, and started an intensive three-year midwifery program at Aviva Institute.

I became a Certified Professional Midwife in 2012 and a licensed midwife in 2013. With experiences ranging from home birth, birth center, and hospital birth, I have attended more than 450 births and have learned a healthy respect for and trust in pregnancy, labor, and the birthing process.

I believe an intuitive, natural birth is the optimal way to bring most babies into the world. I am passionate about gentle birth for both mother and baby, and my goal is to help those I work with to have an experience that is safe, respectful, autonomous, and empowering. My practice of midwifery is informed by the wisdom of whole food nutrition and herbal medicine plus the benefits of complementary health care modalities such as acupuncture, massage therapy, and others.
Photography by Crystal Garcia